The Qianjiang QJ250- A Chinese Clone of the Yamaha Virago

So, I’m still on the hunt for a motorcycle here in Beijing, and I came across this seller of new and used bikes. The new bikes don’t really get bigger than 150cc or 200cc but they find some bigger second hand bikes as well. They did have a Honda CB400 but it got sold. This other bike they have is a Chinese brand, Qianjiang which is now owned by Lifan, I’m going to be taking a look at it this weekend and see how it runs but they did send me some pictures:

Not too bad looking I think, and for a good price too, 5300 Renminbi (about USD$800, negotiable) for the second hand and 10,2000 RMB (USD$1,540) new. I wanted to do some research and see what people said about the bike. On one forum, I read about people completely slamming any China made bike saying you could forget about user manuals, parts, etc. But as it turns out, the bike is a clone of the Yamaha Virago. So I kept searching and found this one guy who has one in Texas and had done some nice mods and tweeks to it. Check it out here at his motorcycle blog, Motorcycle Leather Blog. There’s a video as well to see how it performs and sounds.

Another bike that’s come up in my search is a Yamaha YBR250. That I may be buying new and, particularly because it’s foreign, will probably be more expensive. From the reviews of it though, it sounds like a quality bike, and it’s got a good sporty look to it (even though I’m more of a cruiser type, I could learn to deal).

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