“Armies” of Migrant Workers Ride Home by Motorcycle for the Chinese New Year

Every year for the Chinese New Year, hundreds of millions of people engage in what is the largest yearly mass migration of people in the world. Over 230 million people (larger than the population of Brazil and more than two-thirds of the U.S.) set out on holiday, on vacation from working in factories or big cities, and go back home to visit family. The country all but completely shuts down during what I can only describe as a U.S. Thanksgiving on steroids.

A friend clued me in to this really amazing story about armies of workers that set out on their motorcycles despite the cold wet weather, all to see their family in Jiangxi during what is likely their only opportunity to do so all year. For many, this is the only way left to travel as many train tickets can sell out extremely quickly as the infrastructure, despite recent massive improvements, is still unable to support that many people. It seems like quite a journey, and you can only praise their determination. No expensive body armor or heated gear for these bikers!


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