Going on a Chinese Road Trip

Just a quick post to say that since I’ve got a couple of days off work for the Chinese “Tomb Sweeping” holiday coming up this weekend, I’ll be taking my first “road trip” with Mafan, my JinCheng 250. Of course in typical Chinese fashion, in order to make up for the extra day off, the government decided to make Saturday a working day. So after the 6 day work week, on Sunday, my girlfriend and I will be leaving for Cuandixia Village, 爨底下村 (which literally means “Under the stove village”). Cuandixia has been named World Heritage Site protected for it’s authentic Ming Dynasty era buildings and scenic mountain scenery. Luckily, it’s also only 90km outside of the city center of Beijing and looks like it might actually provide some nice windy mountain roads making for an exciting and pleasant ride. I also plan on taking my camera mount for the ride so check back regularly over the next couple weeks and keep an eye out for a video posting from the trip.

For more information on the village and some pictures, click here to check out what Tour Beijing had to say.

Below you can check out the map of the route we’ll be taking:

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