Review of the First China Motorcycle and Parts Exhibition in Beijing

To be honest, I wasn’t all that impressed by the expo. All in all there were certainly some very “Chinese” aspects about it. For one, the people running the more major sections didn’t quite seem to get the idea that the idea of having models at car and motorcycle shows is to actually accentuate the vehicles themselves. Instead, at one, for example, they just sort of set up a modeling show (see the the pictures below) where there was not a single motorcycle in site of the stage. Another had flare bar-tending, because of course what goes better with motorcycles than than a martini from a bottle that’s been spun around a lot! (In all honesty though, I kind of enjoyed the bar-tending)

There were some interesting set ups though, with some motorcycles with engines as small as 125cc but dressed up with fearing fairing made for a super-bike. Another cool one was a new Chinese company that had these cool retro-style and almost miniature (but still rideable) bikes.

Despite the show being a result of a trade talks between China and Italy it wasn’t easy to find the Ducati stand, but we eventually found it! Tucked away in the back behind several of the Chinese companies’ stages were several beautiful performance bikes including a massive one, the Ducati Diavel going for about 350k (Renminbi of course!)

There was supposed to be a dirt bike show out back too, which would’ve been really fun to watch, but unfortunately there had been some rain and so the show got cancelled.

Overall though, as with most things in China, it was a fun and interesting experience if for nothing else than to look at a whole bunch of motorcycles and to have a laugh at the difference between China’s version of a motorcycle expo and one that I went to back in New York’s Javits Center in 2010 (apparently Beijing’s Car Expo is much more impressive). I was disappointed that there was no Harley stand as advertised .

Below are some of the pictures I took of the show. And check out my intro write up for the motorcycle expo. Enjoy!