The 2011 China International Motorcycle and Parts Convention

Tomorrow, July 2nd (Beijing local time), I will be attending the 2011 China International Motorcycle and Motorcycle Parts Convention, which will be held in the largest exhibition center in China, The China National Exhibition Center (or 国家会议中心) from July 2nd-4th. This convention is one of the major results of the China-Italy trade talks held in 2009. One of the major sponsors of the event is the China Chamber of Commerce as well as the Italian Motorcycle association and it will be hosted by the China-Italy Motorcycle Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Since this will be in such a huge exhibition center (located right next to the “Bird’s Nest”- The Olympic Stadium from 2008), there’s going to be no shortage motorcycle and motorcycle parts companies on show here. Of course there will be plenty of Chinese companies including Jincheng, the makers of my very own Chinese motorcycle, but the major global players will also be present including Ducati and Harley Davidson.

I’ll be tweeting from the show and trying to post as many pictures as possible. So for live updates of the exhibition tomorrow, follow us @rubberonroad08 (you can also click on our twitter feed in our sidebar), and if you like what you’re seeing, don’t forget to share the love and retweet!