Beijing to Qingdao: A Real Chinese Motorcycle Road Trip

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In 2009 when I was studying Chinese at Tsinghua University in Beijing, I attempted a motorcycle trip with a friend from Beijing to Qingdao. It is roughly 700km each way, however we only made it about 150-200km outside of Beijing before we started experiencing major technical difficulties that eventually ended up in our having to hitch a ride with a Mongolian and calling off the trip (you can read about the whole experience here).

Well, it’s now time for attempt number 2! I’ve got the motorcycle, my Jincheng 250cc named “Mafan”, I’ve got the plan (Beijing, to Yantai, to Qingdao (The Beer Capital of China), hopefully to the end of the Great Wall, and then back to Beijing), and I’ve got the holiday (National Holiday or 国庆节). So invite anyone who would like to follow along for the ride as I post from the road. You can also track our progress from the widget on the sidebar courtesy of Google Latitude. And finally, my girlfriend will be helping me film along the way, so keep an eye out for a video when it’s all done!

If you’d like to read about the trip our companions in the car had, you can check it out at Annie’s blog: 3rd Culture Kid Between Worlds.

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