Days 3 and 4- Exhaustion Sets In



After the 13 hours of riding the day before, both Amy and I were feeling properly tired, and a rest day in Yantai was definitely in order. I was feeling particularly sore, almost as if I had gone through full body workout the day before and it was just catching up to me.

The rest day in Yantai was well worth it though, taking in the sites as we enjoyed some european style architecture from the time the Europeans had colonized the area, visiting a wine museum where we were able to sneak in and do some taste testing for free, and climbing up to the highest point in the area at the top of a lighthouse to see the sunset.

The next day though, it was time to move on to Qingdao, so up bright and early again to make the 200km SW with time to enjoy the city once we got there. The driving was relatively easy and the distance short compared to what we’d been doing which was nice. We ran into some problems though once we approached Qingdao. First of all, to get to the hostel there was quite a bit of maneuvering necessary and of course the streets still weren’t marked properly. To add to the confusion it seemed as if the whole city was in expansion mode as often we’d make a turn that turned out not to even be on the GPS map, not even the Chinese version of Google, called Baidu, had some of these highways. At one point we ended up on a major highway where most exits weren’t even complete yet and it seemed like we weren’t the only ones who made that mistake as there were cars turning around going the wrong way down the street!

Well after much confusion and several wrong turns we eventually made it to the hostel, and at about 3 o’clock we had plenty of time to spare. However, it was beginning to become clear that all of the driving and probably something in the water was beginning to take its toll. I started to become very sick very quickly. I had managed to catch some sort of stomach bug that was having me run to the bathroom at every opportunity. When I wasn’t doing that, I started feeling myself get weak and light-headed. In not too long I had a fever and it became clear that I’d have to cut the site-seeing short and spend the rest of the night in bed. This clearly wasn’t preferable as I missed out on the late night shenanigans with the rest of the group as they discovered Qingdao’s specialty of beer served on the side of the street from a keg into a bag.

Oh well, health and safety first! Hopefully I’ll be fit enough to get back on the road soon enough.


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