Our Top Five Favourite Celebrity UK Motorcyclists

Motorcycling is certainly not a new phenomenon; in fact, the very first official “motorcycle” was invented back in the nineteenth century. Ever since then, many notable figures have become known not only for their day jobs but also for their love of the open road and passion for biking. Here are our top five favourite famous UK motorcyclists…

5. A famous name which you might not associate with motorcycling, but believe it or not, Roald Dahl, the legendary British children’s author was a huge fan of motorcycling and from an early age they became a huge part of his life. Some speculate that his passion for biking may even have seeped into his writing. For example, one of his best loved work, ‘The B.F.G’  which in the book stands for the ‘Big Friendly Giant’ just so happens to share its name with a popular motorcycle tyre company, ‘B.F Goodrich’.

4.  Number four on our list of famous UK motorcycle fanatics is none other than the future heir to the throne, Prince William. A keen biker from a young age, the Prince and his brother both got on their bikes for an eight day charity biking trip across South Africa in 2008, covering a distance of over 1,000 miles. He has also been spotted riding a Ducati 1198s and rumours have it that the Prince was the lucky recipient of a Ducati Diavel Carbon in celebration of his tying the knot to Kate Middleton earlier this year.

3.  Much has been made of the transformation that comic and actor Hugh Laurie undertook for his character in the hit U.S television series ‘House’, but there is a similarity between the British thespian and his on screen persona – they both adore their motorbikes. Laurie has admitted that he has been in love with motorcycling since his teenage years when he first rode for fun in a field at the age of fourteen. Since that moment, the actor has, in his own words “been hooked” and he has been quite outspoken about his favourite pastime on many occasions.

2. and 1. Though there have been many celebrated riders in the past, the number one spot on our list has to be shared as these two famous faces have pushed the very concept of motorcycling into the public eye in a very strong manner over the last few years. Yes, topping our list are the famed motorbike lovers Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman. Since their hugely popular series ‘Long Way Round’ hit our screens back in the mid-naughties, these two actors have become synonymous with touring motorbikes and epic road trips. In this well received documentary, both McGregor and Boorman travelled across the world on their BMWs and in doing so, introduced the concept of motorcycling to viewers across the globe. For this reason alone, these Brits have the honour of this well-earned the top spot.

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