AJS Oil system and Wiring

A long 8 months of school and working nights have kept me away from my AJS (and RoR). But with everything wrapping up this week I’ll have plenty of time over the summer to get the AJS in tip top shape, get out for some great trips on two wheels, and share more and more with the RoR community.

What a mess ...

Yesterday I continued my work on the AJS. My initial plan of attack was to get at the wiring, which needs a lot of attention, but I ended up getting a little sidetracked with the oil system. As I mentioned in a previous post the oil delivery system is different than anything I am used to, so I was careful to do a lot of research before actually getting started.

The oil is stored in a reservoir mounted on the right side of the bike just below the seat. There is a fill line visible inside the filler cap. The feed to the engine has a metal ‘gauze’ filter that sits inside the rubber hose. The return line has a small outlet just inside the filler cap, the idea being that if the oil is flowing as it is supposed to you will see it returning to the reservoir.

Oil Reservoir from AJS Manual

The rubber intake and return pipes were quite brittle and frayed where they meet the reservoir – those will have to be replaced.

Brittle and Frayed ...

The metal gauze filter is in very good condition. The manual says to clean it in petrol and it’ll be good to go. I completely removed the reservoir from the bike so that I can give it a thorough cleaning.

After getting the reservoir off I decided to start with the wiring. I found a great resource at Evan Fell Motorcycle Works with simple wiring diagrams for choppers and cafe racers. As the AJS is kick start with no battery, I decided to use this diagram as a guideline. It seemed logical to me to start at the back of the bike and work forward. The rear brake light was stuck in the mount pretty good. It took me some time to pry it loose, but once it came out everything worked fine. The light mount has a spring returned base which was a little bit stiff, but some WD40 loosened it right up. There is a ground wire that runs from the light socket to the mounting bracket – this was unbelievably frayed and loose, so I rewired it with the proper gauge wire and made the connections secure. After replacing the bulb itself I gave the wiring returning to the switch a quick inspection and found no fraying or worn connections, so I decided to leave them for the time being. Once everything is hooked up and running I’ll troubleshoot as needed.

... and after. New bulb and ground wire.

Ground Wire before ...










Tomorrow I’m really going to get started in earnest on the wiring. I’ll have more to write about then, as well as over the next few months!

Ride safe everyone …

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