Product Review: Magid Mechanix Gloves

I recently received a pair of Magid Mechanics Gloves to review. While many jobs require the use of your bare hands, whenever it is not necessary I prefer to wear gloves. The clean up afterwards is minimal and any heat from the engine is greatly diminished. The issue I face most frequently when using a pair of mechanics gloves is fit (they are either too tight and the inner seams interfere, or just too big) and sensitivity (you’ve got to be able to feel what you are doing).

The gloves Magid sent to me are the ProGrade Plus MECH106 Road Gloves, which feature high visibility yellow spandex back, reflective stripes on fingertips and trim, synthetic leather palms, and abrasion-resistant pads and knuckles. There is a great range of movement thanks to the flexible neoprene, they fit quite well, and they slip on and off nice and easy.

I’ve used the Magid gloves while working on my AJS as well as doing oil changes on my car, my Kawasaki Vulcan, and Buck’s old Harley Davidson Sportster. While working in tight spots and trying to grasp small parts, the gloves excel. Sensitivity is very high and heat resistance is great. I always tend to get some oil on my hands or drop the drain plug in to my drain pan. With the Magid gloves the little amount of oil that spilt on my hand was easily shrugged off, and I was able to maintain my grip on the drain plug.  While working on the AJS the gloves have proved invaluable in keeping my hands clean and shielded from scrapes and heat, while not limiting my feeling or flexibility. The stitching and material seem quite durable, and have held up to several scrapes and oil exposure already.

I will definitely continue using the Magid Mechanics Gloves in my garage, and would recommend them to all our readers! At only $12/pair, you really can’t go wrong!

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