Twisty Mountain Roads in North Beijing- The Huairou Loop (Video)

I recently stumbled across a fantastic road just north of Beijing that makes for a great weekend ride. It was about 250km round trip, takes you by some beautiful and less visited sections of the Great Wall, and then has a very long section of winding mountain roads. I found this ride through an iPhone app Greatest Road which allows users to share routes that they’ve ridden using google maps giving other users the option to rate the roads (we’ve written about this app in the past on our list of useful motorcycle smartphone apps article). There’s not much in the Beijing area but there were still a few good ones, including this particular one posted by Iceman1000.

Rather than describe the route in this post, I thought I’d share the video footage (and some photos) that we took while on the road. First off let me warn/apologize for the low video quality. Clearly this is a sign that I need to be replacing my current filming equipment (I’m thinking of a GoPro). Regardless, I think it’s still a fun video and should help get an idea of what the road is like. I highly recommend taking the detour to the Lakeside Great Wall (水长城 also known as 黄花城), which is not as crowded as some of the more famous sections of the wall and also provides an opportunity for a nice afternoon swim!

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