Day 2 to Shanghai- Back On The Provincial Roads


Pagoda on a hillside as we pass through some town in Shandong Province

Slower but a little more hectic today as we are now relegated to the smaller provincial roads. It is a little slower going but definitely more interesting as we pass through the different towns, not to mention the people at gas stations and lunch spots are a little more chatty.

We were on a couple of roads today that I really enjoyed, with interesting scenery as we passed over small hills and drove through long sweeping turns. So for anyone who happens to be in the area of Lin Yi (临沂) in Shandong Province, check out routes S277 and G307.

Otherwise, not too much else to report. The weather has been nice and there are definitely signs of autumn showing, particularly with all the farmers laying their corn to dry on the sides of the roads.

We finished up the day today in a nice, clean (it is possible in China!) seaside city called Lian Yun Gang (连云港)which literally means, “Link the Clouds Harbor”, passing into Jiangsu Province, our last province of the trip. Tomorrow we push on to the banks of the Yangtze River!


The fine establishment at which we grabbed a bite of lunch which included buns and fried eggs and tomatoes


And for a dinner a giant pot of 麻辣香锅 with a local wheat beer to wash it down!

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