U-Turn Back To Beijing

Shanghai skyscrapers

Shanghai Skyscrapers

A quick summary of the few days off from the motorcycle:

  • Said hi to Amy’s dad and took the dog for a walk
  • Enjoyed a lovely fancy duck dinner on the Bund in Shanghai
  • Took the high speed train from Shanghai to Nanjing (but went to the wrong train station so had to change tickets)
  • Arrived in Nanjing, dropped off bags at the hotel, and had lunch
  • Went to visit a Confucius temple that was celebrating his two thousandth something birthday. It was really crowded
  • Walked along the old city wall (longest and biggest in China/the world)
  • Had drinks and dinner at the Sheraton hotel and then soon after got food poisoning.
  • Changed hotels to the Westin and then spent my last 24 hours in Nanjing sick in bed
  • Next day, good as new, breakfast then train to Suzhou, visited the “Humble Administrator’s” garden and Tiger Hill and then back on the train to Shanghai
  • Day off in Shanghai, planned my return route and packed. Finished the day off with a delicious Yunnan dinner on the Bund and some drinks at the House of Jazz and Blues

And that’s it in a nutshell. I’m glad to have fully shaken all the Sheraton induced food poisoning and looking forward to life back on the road. Sadly though I will be without my riding partner since Amy has to be back in Beijing for work and is taking the bullet train back home.

My tentative route right now for the return journey, since I’d like to switch it up a bit, is:

  • Day 1- Shanghai – Wuxi (possible visit to Buddha statue and temples) – Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province
  • Day 2- Yangzhou – Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province
  • Day 3- Xuzhou – Dezhou, Shandong Province
  • Day 4- Dezhou – Beijing

We’ll see how much I’m able to stick to this though as traffic at the end of the holiday could prove to be somewhat restrictive. Also, since I won’t have my faithful navigator (Amy) with me for this trip, I’ll be playing around with various map and navigation iPhone apps to see if any can effectively keep me on course.

Stay tuned for the next update from the road tomorrow!

Shanghai train station

Busy Shanghai train station during the holidays

Nanjing Canals

Nanjing Canals

The Humble Administrator's Garden

The (not so) humble administrators garden in Suzhou

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