Announcing The Great Ride of China!

It’s been a while now again since I last posted anything here. The last post I published gave a very obvious hint as to why that might be. For the past 5 months I have been busy preparing for a long distance motorcycle trip around China. I had intended to write updates on the preparation my girlfriend Amy and I were doing, but unfortunately, the last couple months leading up to the trip have become increasingly busy.

The Great Ride of China Logo

Making The Official Announcement

Well after all this work and finally clearing the last major hurdle to us starting on the trip just over a week before our planned departure date, I am happy to be able to formally announce The Great Ride of China!

On July 18th, my girlfriend Amy and I will be departing on a 4 month, 25,000km motorcycle ride around China where we intend to drive through every province in the country. If we succeed, we will be breaking the Guinness World Record for longest motorcycle journey within a single country (currently held by Mohsin Haq of India and previously held by the Pyle Brothers who rode around China in 2011).

Our Partners


We are also fortunate to be embarking on this journey with two fantastic partners, our official sponsor CFMOTO and our partner charity Free Lunch for Children. We will be riding CFMOTO’s very capable 650-TK for the trip during which we hope to raise at least ¥5million (over $800,000) for Free Lunch for Children, which helps to provide free school lunches for kids in impoverished areas around China. (Go to our Partners Page to see our full list of sponsors.

Follow Along For The Ride

I have decided to start a separate website dedicated to The Great Ride of China so I will not be providing updates through Rubber on Road. You can visit the site at I hope you’ll follow along for the ride as Amy and I plan on providing daily (or at least weekly) updates through the website and our social media platforms. We also have a special page that we call “The Command Center” where we will show a bunch of different stats and maps on our progress.

If you’d like to sign up for The Great Ride of China Newsletter to follow our progress, just fill out the form below. Hope to see you on the road!