Progress Report on The Great Ride of China

Hello readers!

I just wanted to give an update on the motorcycle trip I’ve been on with my girlfriend for the past 3 weeks now. We’ve now covered over 6,000km (about 4k miles) and now passed through 8 out of 33 (or 34 depending on if we go to Taiwan) provincial level regions.

So far since starting, we’ve made our way north west towards the North Korean border and then up to Harbin to enjoy some of the Russian influenced architecture.

Church in Harbin

Church in Harbin

We then moved on, taking a re-route from our original plan and moved north towards the Russian border in a town called Manzhouli. We hit some rough roads through Heilongjiang province with construction, rain, mud, and pot holes. The Mongolian border also had some rough roads, but after about 20km of straight construction site the roads got considerably better. In fact, the roads through Inner Mongolia have easily been some of our favorite so far. We stayed at a mongolian yurt camp on one stop (we got hit with a major rain storm though that blew down our tent).

After Mazhouli, we started making our way back south through the plains and then into central China. This area of China has a very long history and so we wanted to visit some of the historical sites. We made a stop into the ancient town of Pingyao until finally passing through the historical capital of Xi’an.

We’ve been posting regular updates on our dedicated trip site as well as our social media channels including our facebook page. We’ve also built a very exciting feature that we call “The Command Center” where you can view different maps and stats from the trip including our GPS track showing our progress, destinations we want to visit, our fuel economy, number of provinces we’ve passed through, and more! Check it out here.

See you on the road!

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