10,000km On The Great Ride of China Already??

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a busy few weeks since the last update on The Great Ride of China, but we’ve finally found a few days to rest and catch up on everything.

It’s been quite a while now since the last update on our ride here on mychinamoto but a lot has happened since the last update which left us at Xi’an.

We’ve now ridden through 11 provinces (1/3 of the way done!) and have passed 10,000km.

We are currently in Xinjiang province, at our most western point in Kashgar.

We visited the western end of the Great Wall in Jiayuguan

Hiked the sand dunes in Dunhuang and visited the ancient Buddha grottoes (Some beautiful desert roads on the approach to the city)

We went to one of the lowest points in earth in the Turpan Depression getting stuck in a massive sandstorm while visiting the monument at Aiding Lake

Went up a gorgeous mountain climb south of Urumqi but required 100km of riding on unpaved road climbing up to 4,600m (highest point of the trip so far).

Taking some days off now in Kashgar while we wait for our Tibet tour guide and permits. Had to go on a pretty eventful visa run to Kyrgyzstan though while we waited!

Really pumped for the next leg of the journey which will take us 20-25 days through Tibet including a visit to Everest base camp!

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