Getting Close To The World Record On The Great Ride Of China


So it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted any updates here from my current trip, The Great Ride of China. For those who haven’t been following along, my girlfriend Amy and I are riding our CFMoto 650TR (I the driver and Amy the navigator) through every province in China in an attempt to break the world record for longest motorcycle trip within a single country.

It’s been quite an adventure so far. We’ve gotten caught in a sandstorm at the 3rd lowest point on earth (or first or second depending on who you ask), ridden our bike through snowstorms and up to Everest Base Camp, visited the largest stone Buddha in the world, taken a trek up a sand dune, eaten pig brains and much more!

Just earlier this week we passed our original goal which was to ride 25,000km or a little over 15,000 miles. A few months ago though, a new record was set and now we’re aiming to ride over 30,000km as we make our journey around “The Middle Kingdom”. Yesterday we passed 26,000km, putting us just 3k km short of the current record set in the U.S. of 29k km. We still have 11 provinces left to go through and a lot more to see!

Finally, one of the main reasons we are doing the Great Ride is to help raise awareness and support for our partner charity, Free Lunch For Children (免费午餐 in Chinese), which helps to provide school lunches for underprivileged children around China. Our goal is to raise enough money to be able to support two schools for a full school year. To find out more about the charity, our partnership with them, and what you can do to help, head on over to the Donate page of The Great Ride of China website and learn more. It takes just 50 US cents to buy one lunch and for a little more than $100, you can support one child for a whole year! Head over to the site to learn more.




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