About Us

Welcome to Rubber on Road! This is a site built to share our experiences for the whole community of fans of two wheels! Though the main focus of our website is motorcycles and the joys of motorcycle riding, it’s also about more than that. For us and many others who prefer two wheels to four, being on a motorcycle is about being on the open road, meeting new people, having new experiences, seeing different sights, and just having adventures.

We are both motorcycle and adventure enthusiasts – Buck from New York City and Brent from Toronto – who happened to both develop an interest in the iron horse around the same time while working together at an outdoor gear store in Toronto, Ontario. From there our enthusiasm and ambition for motorcycle riding grew – short trips around the Greater Toronto Area, scheming up new routes to try out, planning long distance trips, and eventually coming up with the concept for our blog.

We also aim to use this site as a launching point and medium of communication for some of our more ambitious projects – such as the recent trip to New Orleans and the 8,600 mile trip around the US, Buck’s trips in China, and eventually a trip around the Western Hemisphere. We intend to communicate via blog entries, videos and pictures of our travels along the way.

Through “Rubber on the Road” we hope to share our experiences with others as well as to extend an opportunity to the wider riding community to do the same, whether it has to do with a crazy run in at a truck stop, a beautiful ride in rural Ontario, or a simple maintenance tip.

We hope you enjoy the blog, and if you have any suggestions, tips, or stories feel free to e-mail us at contact[@]rubberonroad[.com] today!