The Great Ride of China Video Teaser Just Released!


Well there was a lot of footage to go through after nearly 5 months on the road (we were carrying a total of about 1.3TB of data by the end, both photos and video), but we finally managed to put together a teaser/sizzle reel from all of it. Below you can see our quick 5 minute intro to The Great Ride of China, some of the challenges we faced and amazing things we saw. We hope you enjoy the video and that it succeeds in bringing you a bit closer to the amazing adventure that we had while on The Great Ride of China! If you have any problems viewing the above video, you can also watch the trailer on Vimeo or Youku.
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The Long Haul- Preparing for a Long Distance Motorcycle Adventure


When you’re getting ready for a really long distance trip by motorcycle, on the one hand you want to make sure you prepare as much as possible. On the other though, part of the fun of it all is dealing with the unexpected and just sort of “playing it by ear”. Well it’s been a while since my 2 month circumnavigation of the U.S. in 2010 and I’m ready to hit the road again. I don’t really want to say this is the formal announcement of the trip yet since there are a lot of variables still in play, but I thought it would be useful to document the process of preparing for a mentally and physically taxing long distance motorcycle ride. This will be the first in a series following the steps I’ll be taking to prepare for the next motorcycle adventure. A Little Background The Plan: To motorcycle
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New York New York- Quick Motorcycle Tour of the State

View Larger Map Have you ever taken ride on your motorcycle down a road where each exit, gas station, and rest stop is like going through a flip book of your life? Where each page is a memory of a specific event, ride, or vacation? That’s how I feel about rt. 17 (aka “Future 86”) which runs through Western NY. I never totally realized it before, but there has been a lot happen to me and my family over the years all along that highway, and so it seemed to be a great way to spend my first road trip back in the U.S. in over a year and a half. For those who haven’t been reading, I’ve been living (and riding) in China since December 2010. It was my first time back home in a long time and it was a treat to be riding on American pavement again
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Why I Travel Solo – Guest Post by Jay Kannaiyan!

(Jay has been riding a Suzuki DR650 since leaving Chicago in March, 2010 and has covered 44,000 miles / 70,800 kms through Latin America, Europe and Africa. You can visit his website at I am asked this question quite frequently on my trip. Firstly, I’d like to state that traveling solo doesn’t mean being lonely. On the contrary, I find it allows others to see this stranger on a motorcycle as being more approachable, leading to novel social encounters. Taking a water break in the middle of the Western Desert in Egypt, I am approached by a local Bedouin and invited home for lunch. In the years leading up to this trip, I learned the character traits needed for motorcycle touring by going on small to big trips around the US with these riding mentors of mine. While I enjoyed traveling as a pair or a group, I could
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Circles always end up where they started (only in Australia they go reverse): Final days of the erotic tails (pun intended) of Karl and Yaegan’s motorcycle trip around Australia

The final days of the Australian Motorcycle Adventure. Beware, the excitement of Canberra is almost too much to handle for some!
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